Monday, July 20, 2009

The Pelican Ponders Birth Certificates

Here is an issue that won't die, nor should it. President, or is it "President", Obama, has yet to produce his birth certificate thus proving he was indeed born a U.S. citizen on American soil. There's a whole host of different stories regarding the true origins of Mr. Obama. Supposedly he was born in Hawaii, others contend that he was actually born in Kenya (where he still has family).

Yawn, yawn, yawn...Why does this matter? Well it matters because the President of the United States of America is required to be a natural born American citizen. For some reason though, Mr. Obama has done everything but make public the only proof needed, his birth certificate. He has instead gone to lengths to protect that document as well as his college transcripts. Anyone who thinks this is a non-issue obviously pays no respect to the Constitution and as such wouldn't be at all concerned if our current Commander in Chief was actually illegitametly in office.

Those who do see this failure to produce the necessary documentation as troubling most likely respect the rule of law and don't appreciate a man making a mockery of our system. I would like to give Mr. Obama the benefit of the doubt and assume that he wouldn't stoop that low...but is this something that should really be assumed? I don't think so.

Nor do many others. There are some in the military who have refused to return to duty stating that they will not serve under Mr. Obama because he is not fit to be Commander in Chief because he has not laid to rest the questions of his birth. Alan Keyes, who is currently a conservative independent is working on a petition to get the President to reveal his birth records.

Again, I would like to assume, but why doesn't President Obama just put the issue to rest and present his records. To get a marriage liscense I had to present my Birth Certificate, so to be President, why shouldn't he have to disclose his. Is it really that hard? Or does the man who swore to protect and uphold the Constitution really not care one bit about it?

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